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Space Family Carlvinson v01 c010-011


A lot happens in these chapters. In chapter 10, the name Isewan is used. I've translated it as “Vera” to match historical context.

Chapter 10 is also a rare chapter in which I'm able to translate a joke (the “doggy dog world” one) to some degree of accuracy. There is a saying in Japanese,“jakuniku kyoushoku” (弱肉強食), meaning “(the) weak (are) meat (which the) strong eat”. It's comparable to “survival of the fittest” or “law of the jungle”. According to urban legend, a teacher once gave a test to his students in which he asked them to fill in “__ 肉 __ 食”. One student filled in “焼肉定食”, meaning “grilled meat prepared meal”, which reads like something you might buy in a grocery store. It's entered Japanese popular culture as a corrupted version of the original saying.

The athletic meet from Chapter 11 was also featured in the OVA, but some things had to be changed around to cut out Laika and add in the school. I think it's the last part of the manga that was featured.