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Space Family Carlvinson v06 c072


This chapter expands a bit on the role of cats aboard starships. I'm not entirely sure whether the early lines about cats’ use are intended to be a reference. If they are, there's a low chance that it might be to Cordwainer Smith's “The Game of Rat and Dragon”. (And if I'm mistaken, Smith is still a good recommendation for anyone interested in the science-fiction inspirations of anime.)

Now's a good time to talk about the tranporters. This was written sometime in the very early 1990s, and the controls appear to be touchscreen, mirroring the TNG-style transporter that would have been in shows (and TOS films) at the time. We can see a bit of a hint of the LCARS interface in a panel or two, as well as a circular target pad. I'm guessing the effect of lightning instead of a shimmer works better in a static image.