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Space Family Carlvinson v01 c01-03


The first two chapters were adapted by the OVA (which then skipped ahead to chapter 11). They've been translated before, but I wasn't able to find any copies remaining.

The date 1972 in the opening is part of the Star Trek reference. The stardate (using the same term as in the Japanese dub) corresponds to somewhere in TOS season 2, which would have been airing in Japan around the given date of Showa 47, or 1972. (This despite the fact that the manga was written in the ‘80s.)

The plots in these chapters are pretty light, and problems are mostly solved by Father realizing that he actually needs to do something.

For technical aspects, I'm using the best raws I could find. Unfortunately, the resolution is barely too small for me to read some of the author's margin comments.

The JPEG releases are just layered on top of those, but as an experiment the JPEG-XL releases involve first running the base through a few iterations JPEG Quant Smooth, then layering the cleaning/translation losslessly, and finally converting the result to to JPEG-XL. The quality should be higher and the filesize lower, but who knows if the standard will actually be adopted.