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Submarine 707 v6


And so, Submarine 707 ends. The Apollo Norm story finishes, and the rest of the volume is a miscellany of alternate versions and one-shots.

Focusing on submarines put a lot of restrictions on the types of characters that can appear, and with that in mind characters like Kane Amos are rather interesting. It's a shame that we didn't get a chance to see how his personality played out in the end.

It's probably not as obvious today, but Submarine 707 was really a phenomenal breakout hit. It was one of the first manga to be compiled and released as a book, and I believe it was the absolute first to be tied to a series of plastic models. Apparently, the raws I used for this were published at an unfortunate time, just before a huge trend of nostalgic re-publishing, and so Submarine 707 missed out on a revival of popularity that it might very well have had.

I'll wait a few weeks and check these over to catch typos, then put them up for wider distribution.

Anyway, new project sometime. I don't really know.