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Space Family Carlvinson v04 c040


Remember how a few chapters ago we were promised some serious exposition, and after about 5 pages it got completely derailed? Well here we get the real thing.

The word 准将 could, I believe, be reasonably translated as either “Commodore” or “Brigadier General”. Trying to investigate exactly which is which leads down a rabbit hole of differences in military ranks of Imperial Japan, the SDF, NATO codes, the U.K. and the U.S.A., cultural expectations of whether space is treated as an ocean…

Ultimately, it doesn't matter because the word is being used purely to aggrandize, not to describe details of command structure. I went with “Brigadier General” almost entirely on the strength of the Japanese translation of Matt Decker being “デッカー司令官”, not “デッカー准将”.